Wake up, it’s 2014

Hi guys and guy-ets 🙂 I’m a bit angry at the moment because of some stuff I’ve been reading on Facebook, so I thought I’d take my anger out on the internet and my blog (which, incidentally, I haven’t posted in for a while).

I read this story about a four year-old child who stood up for a homosexual person when another guy said a gay couple kissing was disgusting. This child responded by saying that it was love, not disgusting. Yeah! You go, kid! Anyway, that was written by his mother and she was very proud of him. I would be too 😀 But some of the comments on this story were horrific! So many people saying that homosexuality wasn’t love, it was confusion, and that it is a sin and wrong in God’s eyes. My response to this in a heart beat is ‘What the hell?!’ And some other profanities that I will not write on this child-friendly blog. Wake up and smell the roses guys! This is 2014! A year and century where being homosexual and bisexual is perfectly okay and not considered an act of evil. Once upon a time back when being gay was considered wrong, being left handed was a sign of the devil. In this century and year, being left-handed is perfectly okay, and being ambidextrous is considered cool. So, why have we come to accept left-handed people, who were once condemned for sinning because of their hand ‘choices’ (not much of a choice, we’re born with a preferred hand) but we haven’t come to accept gays who are considered to be sinning because of their love? It’s just love. We love our fathers and mothers, our sisters and brothers, our sons and daughters, and our husbands and wives. These people we love are our families, which are made up of females and males. If males love their fathers and brothers, why is it wrong for them to love another man who would, in the perfect world, become their husband? This is the same for women.

I have many great friends who are homosexual and bisexual. I have no problem with them being who they are! I have teachers who are homosexual. What about all those Johnlock shippers out there? They’re not afraid of it! So why are there still people who are homophonic? It’s not as if someone else being gay or lesbian affects them in a negative way. People with homophobia should ask themselves these questions: Is it hurting me? (Answer: no) Is it hurting them? (Answer: no) Is it hurting anyone else in this world? (Answer: no). Well then, I think you should have good look at yourself, cause I’m pretty sure you’re in the wrong. If a homophobic person has a problem with someone else being gay, they should also ask themselves this question: Am I gay/lesbian? If the answer is no, then why are they judging someone else. If the answer is yes, then something in their social or family environment is making them feel negative about their feelings. This is not a good thing, because regardless of our sexuality, we all have rights and deserve support. 

I just hate how so many people are using their religion as an excuse for homophobia. That is the disgusting thing. I used to be religious and now I’m not, but I have a great respect for all religions and all religious people. But to judge another person, a human being who is just like you, because of your religious beliefs is completely unacceptable. The bible says ‘love thy neighbour as you love yourself.’ There is no exception for this rule. If your neighbour is gay, that is no excuse to not love them as you love yourself. If you say that you do not love them as you love yourself, you are contradicting your religion. Religion is not excuse for homophobia. Homophobia is a choice, homosexuality is not. Grow up and get on with your life. You don’t have to agree with them, because we all have a right to our opinions. We do not, however, have a right to judge others because of these tiny insignificant things. I have lots of religious friends who are perfectly okay with gays, I have gay religious friends. So what on earth is your problem?

So, that’s my take on it. We’ve grown up a lot since left-handedness was a sing against God, but we’ve still got a bit to go. I can’t believe it’s taken us two thousand years to get this far though. Bit disappointed with the human race these days. In the words of Captain Jack Harkness, a heroic character of a 21st century BBC TV show (Torchwood) who has kissed and loved women, men and on occasion, aliens, “You people and your silly little labels.”

Ser deg senere!



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