What is Perfection?

This is my own question which I am going to attempt to answer. There is no such thing as proper perfection, just our own interpretations of perfection to do with different things. I would say that my perfect day would be to sit outside in the sun reading a good long book during Spring, or having a family get together at my Gran’s house during Summer. Those are my ‘perfect’ days. Your perfect day would be different. My main subject of perfection in this post is to do with boys. For those who know me, I am a hopeless romantic. I fangirl over anything romantic, be it in books or movies/TV shows. I ship lots of couples, as was made clear in my last post. But there are guys in the books that I read and the TV shows that I watch that I would define as the ‘perfect’ guy. Maybe not by himself, but someone with a mix of all the qualities I love in those characters. My perfect guy, in simple terms, is allowed to have faults. In fact, it is a requirement. He must also be there for me to cry on his shoulder. I’d like to think that at some point he will cry on my shoulder to. At the moment my favourite male characters that I admire most (a.k.a hopelessly in love with) are Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice and Mr Thornton from North and South. They are not so different, but at the same time very different. If you asked me who I would love more, then I would answer like this: Mr Darcy is a kinder man than Mr Thornton. They both have their faults and have had bad childhood experiences. Mr Darcy has too much pride and thought he was right in taking his friend away from Jane, as he thought the match between them would not be right. Mr Thornton thinks much about his work and he is very proud, but he is (secretly) caring to his workers. Mr Darcy is very very rich and does not have to work. He has everything and has never really had to work. Mr Thornton has to work to keep his rich (ish) life. He also had to work his family out of poverty. Between the two of them, Mr Thornton has more experience of the world. Both of them became kinder because of the female protagonists. That was the main storyline for both couples. They both care so much about their families, and I’m pretty sure Mr Darcy’s family is much kinder (apart from his aunt). But I am not looking for riches. All in all, I have to say that I prefer Mr Thornton. If you have seen both of them, tell me who you prefer? Also, tell me who you see as the ‘perfect’ guy (can be character or real person). 

This post is also about another thing. I believe I have a guardian angel. He is a real person. He is on of my friends. I think I might love him, but not in the romantic sense. I love him as a friend, but he is more than a friend. He is different. He cares a lot about me and I care a lot about him. We don’t talk much, but he has always made sure I am ok. He sometimes looks sad and I know others notice it as well. I don’t know what is wrong. I asked him if he was ok a few weeks ago, and he said he was fine but thanked me, so I left it. I don’t need to him to know how important he is to me, but I felt like writing about it here. He has never seen this blog, and he is in no danger of knowing that this is about him anyway. I just feel privileged to know that he of all people, cares about me. 

Anyway, tell me your thoughts on perfection 🙂


2 thoughts on “What is Perfection?

  1. I agree with you on a lot of this and I am most definitely intrigued about this Guardian Angel of yours. Tell us more ;D *fangirling* Mr Darcy and Mr Thornton. I consider myself a fairly sensible and level-headed person… sometimes, but if those two were in a room with me (maybe along with a few other favourite characters I could mention) I may consider swooning (an activity I had always considered myself above, I certainly never dreamed I would willingly partake in it) Either that or I would just scream and run at them. A few of my hugs later and they’ll never let me near them again unless they’re wearing protective gear. Of course, if Elizabeth or Margaret were with them I would hug them even more and then scream a bit more and do some fangirling, tell Margaret she has an amazing name 😉 and then sit down with her and Elizabeth for a nice gossip. I’m sure you can picture the scene.

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