The Drama Conundrum

I think it’s in the job description of parents to be discouraging when their children decide to do acting as a career. It’s a chance job, and you only get parts if you fit. You have to have a plan B. If you look at Wikipedia (I know, so trustworthy) you can see that lots of actor’s parents originally weren’t for the idea of their child becoming an actor, not because it’s a bad job, but because it’s hard to get into. Once you’re in, you’re in, but the first step of ‘getting in’ is really difficult. Benedict Cumberbatch’s parents are such examples, even though they are both actors themselves.

I don’t disagree with parents, I respect parents to the highest degree. They are the ultimate authority. But I am unsure if I should tell my parents that I am considering acting as part of my career. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not scared of telling them, I’m scared of the ‘You know acting is really hard to get into’ speech I’m going to get. I am pretty good with being told off, I am pretty good at being told to do things, and I am very good at listening, but one thing I cannot stand when it comes to lectures is the ‘I’m telling you something you already know and have thought about thoroughly’ speeches. I know it’s hard to get into, I know there aren’t many opportunities. I have researched. I am also considering pharmacology and criminology juvenile justice as other possible pathways. I have many ways I can go.

I suppose what it comes down to is that my parents really love me and they want to see me do the absolute best that I can, and they want to see me live my life happily. Regardless of of what I do, they will always love me anyway. I think I’ll just choose drama as a subject next year and see what happens. I’ll do the sciences, legal studies and maths as well, and then see how that leads me onto Year 12. Good luck to me!

Tusen takk!



3 thoughts on “The Drama Conundrum

  1. I hate those ‘you know this but I’ll tell you anyway’ speeches to! And its worse for me because I get four versions, one from each parent


  2. Hey good luck in Journalism
    Firstly I’ll give you the common sense response then what I’m honestly thinking.
    One day you will have to decide what you want to do but honestly I know people who have changed there career 7 times and started of with space science and know has written a book
    You will always have an opportunity for both of these, the world is full of opportunity. never do anything with out a back up plan though. If you watch doctor who you should know to always have a plan. (: well just to know that if you stuff up you have another option. (if you aren’t sure of success ask for help its never week it very intelligent. sorry the last part isn’t necessary) Now I go into the lecture of saying “make sure your sure about this decision” I think we can skip the lecture it wont help because if you where sure you wouldn’t be asking these questions ?
    This is what I’m really thinking
    So just go for it everyone has a chance and life doesn’t have an answer and your life is your best creation. Be creative have an adventure enjoy it. If you think drama is what you want give drama a go and it this is what you should do. It’s better then being boring and ordinary so if you happened to bump into Sherlock Holmes he doesn’t find you ordinary. be different go for it.
    and Sorry i sometimes act like fictional characters exist.
    What Sherlock Holmes story do you watch by the name unless that’s your real name and that is awesome i looked up Moriarty and ended up here hope that’s not offensive.
    Also not all parents care about there children that much just remember it has cons like everything but i think its better them not wanting a bar of you .


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