Celebrities, Fangirling, Fanfiction and Dreams

Before you read this post, I feel it necessary to remind you that this is my opinion only, and I do not know what celebrities think about this matter, so I am writing from my point of view only.

I have dreams. We all have dreams. I am like any other girl in the world. I am desperate to meet certain celebrities. If you have looked at my Bucket List page, you will notice that the second thing on the list is a wish to meet Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch or David Tenant. Number nine on the list is a wish to meet Alexander Rybak (a brilliant Norwegian violinist, singer and song writer and winner of Eurovision 2009). These are all dreams that I wish would happen, but I know may not.

I went to Comic Con this year in Australia, expecting to meet Benedict Cumberbatch and to get a photo with him. When I got there, I became scared, because the lines were so long and it was so crowded. In the end I skipped getting a photo with him because I wasn’t sure I would get a chance to because of the short amount of time and giant amount of people. However, the photo opportunities went over time, fitting everyone in. I didn’t get an opportunity because I was misinformed by people. Instead I got a photo with Jewel Staite who I know from the series Firefly. This is the only time I have ever ‘met’ a celebrity, and frankly, it was disappointing. But that’s the thing: We are people who admire certain people, a.k.a fans.

Celebrities see us as people who respect them, like them and admire them. But otherwise, we are normal people. Celebrities are normal people who respect, like and admire other people who we may not ever know exist. We are all people, the only difference is our statuses.

Celebrities may like the fact that they have people who like them, but that doesn’t mean we make any impact in their lives. After I missed that photo opportunity with Benedict Cumberbatch, I thought everything I could to stop myself from feeling upset. In the end, the thought that helped me most was ‘I would have been one in a million people he saw that day. He would not have remembered me, I would have been a passing face, just another random fangirl who passed by’. I have read fanfictions of One Direction (for fun and out of curiosity, not because I like the band), and some of the things I see there are dreams. Girls who meet the band, be it on the streets, at signing sessions or via family ties, and somehow make lasting impressions on certain members. A girl gets an autograph and she meets the eyes of Harry Styles. There is a moment between them, something ‘different’. We are nothing but fans to these celebrities, people they know they have, but do not ‘know’. I know they care about us, but at the same time we mean nothing to them. I respect the fact that fanfiction writers like to put there dreams into writing on the internet, I enjoy fantasy like any other fangirl, but I also and burdened by the logical knowledge that something like that could never ever happen.

Last week I had a dream that upset me very much. I woke up and looked at my ceiling and realised that I was a normal, average girl who isn’t rich, who is going to grow up to be a pharmacologist or something like that, but certainly not a famous actor. I dreamt that I met Alexander Rybak and I got his autograph and that we talked. I woke up and realised that it didn’t happen, and that made me very annoyed indeed.

In the end, I can simply conclude that it doesn’t matter that my favourite celebrities don’t know I exist, it matters only that there are people in the world who care about me and love me, including my mum and dad, my twin brother and my friends who would do anything for me.

However, I will always dream of meeting the celebrities I admire most. Dreams are okay, just don’t let them take over your life. 

Tusen Takk!



4 thoughts on “Celebrities, Fangirling, Fanfiction and Dreams

  1. Create your own world where you can be anything and anyone you want. Something more powerful than just a story, create a reality inside your mind. That’s how I escape. And honestly? I’m addicted. If you ever notice me slink off of to avoid people to be alone with my headphones in, it almost always means, “I’m ready to be someone amazing and it’s time to visit my own world,” Who knows, I might have a date planned with Dean Winchester?


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